Blinking Code for Canon Printer

Most people do not know that blinking on Canon printer is a signal or error code, by counting the number of blinks we can indetification what’s broken on the printer, so no need to bring the printer to a service.

    The following is Blinking Code for Canon Printer

  1. 1x Green 1x orange : waste ink pad full / ink absorber full. Printer need to reset.
  2. 3x Orange 1x Green : Damaged on Mechanic of printer.
  3. 4x orange 1x Green : ink absorber full / waste ink pad full. Printer need to reset.
  4. 5x orange 1x Green : Color cartridge or Black Cartidge was Broken.
  5. 7x orange 1x Green : Color Cartridge was broken.
  6. 8x orange 1x Green : ink tank full. Printer need to reset.
  7. 14x / 15x orange 1x Green : Black cartridge was broken.

Another blinking also occured with new cartride that has been refill, This occur because the cartridge had “Ink Run Out“. To solver thos problem Simply press the resume button for 5 seconds or more to eliminate the status of “ink run out” of this.

To overcome the damaged cartridge (flashing 5x, 7x, 14x, 15x) clean the contact heads by using a tissue wipe + hot water, if not successful try turning the printer, open cover and release the cartridge (damaged),close cover, turn off and unplug the power, wait about 10 minutes, turn it on and plug the cartridge again,turn off again and turn on again.

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