How can i get my car stereo to work without the cars power being on?


How can i get my car stereo to work without the cars power being on?

Question :

How can i get my car stereo to work without the cars power being on?

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Answer by Blaze
Splice the power from the battery to an external source. Mind you I am not sure how to do this.

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  1. unless its wired direct to the battery it wont work. its best to be wired to work with the ignition for safety reasons. get a qualified sparky.

  2. run positive connection from your stereo to a direct positive connection of the battery. The positive connection that your stereo is hooked up to now loses power when your car shuts off, thus the stereo shuts down. Going directly to the battery will eliminate this.

    I don’t know why you would want to go through so much trouble, though. Especially when this may cause problems, not to mention the fact that you may accidentally leave your stereo on and drain the battery.

    But thats how I wired my stereos when I was younger because it was easier. If your stereo is already installed and running fine, it wouldn’t even be worth gooing through the trouble to do this, IMO.

  3. If it is a CD player then it should work without even needin 2 turn da key cuz i av jus put 1 in ma car and it works witout puttin da keys in

    if not jus turn them slightly not so the start up things cum on jus turn it 1nce

  4. ok well if you run a wire directly to the battery or just connect bot the red and yellow wires from your stereo then you shood be able to turn the car audio on without puting in the key but its best if you dont cuz if you run a wire to thebattery there you shood put a fuse on it other wise if there is a short circut it can burn your stereo or something else as far as the guy before the reason why his stereo turns on this way is because he dosent know how to install stereos properly good luck and i hope this was helpful

  5. This is what you can do, go to auto zone get a switch, 18gauge wire, and some thing to put wires together. Then find i place in the car that you can see and not forget to turn it off. Then you need get to the wires that come out of the back of the radio, I don’t know what car you have so I can’t tell you what wire is what but this will help . OK now that you have found the wires you need run 2 18gauge wires that you have from the radio to the switch. Now with one wire splice one wire in to the 12volt power wire and one in the remote wire.
    The way I just told you well also let the radio turn on with the car with out the switch and with the car off let you turn the radio on. Any questions feel free to e-mail me

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