How can I send food to starving people in Africa?


I want to help, but I don’t want to give money. I want to buy food and send the food. Are there charities that will pick up my food for me, or is there a charity that I can send food to?

Question :

How can I send food to starving people in Africa?

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Answer by IRISHGUY
why not start at home and feed the starving people in the us. donate to a church or homeless shelter

2 thoughts on “How can I send food to starving people in Africa?”

  1. Who is going to pay the costs of shipping the food to Africa? And do you realize that, by donating food, you are taking money from poor farmers and food stall sellers who are desperately trying to make a living in Africa?

    It’s too expensive to gather and transport food from individual donors outside of a country — it’s much more cost-effective and beneficial to the community to buy the food *in the country* and distribute it to those in need. It’s even MORE beneficial to pay for experts to train food growers there to grow more and better food.

    Some organizations, like CARE international, are even refusing large food donations from governments, because of how much it hurts the local economies, and is asking governments to, instead, purchase LOCAL food in Africa (or elsewhere) to feed the LOCAL community.

    You can gather food and donate it locally, to your local food shelter.

  2. Instead of sending food which takes away from Africas local economy (and their own food/digestive systems are much different from ours) why not send something useful like pencils?

    With a better shot at education, they can pull themselves out of poverty.

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