How did your second pregnancy compare to your first pregnancy?


Just curious:)

My first pregnancy wasn’t too bad. My biggest complaint is that I was tired all day, every day. I gained a total of 35 lbs. I didn’t have any complications.. I had the epidural & I had a vaginal delivery.

I am now 6 months pregnant.. I look like I did when I was 8 months pregnant w/ my son.. I am gaining weight much quicker. I am waddling like a duck already. I have cramps, aches & back pains. I have 3 months to go.. hopefully the delivery goes smoothly.

Question :

How did your second pregnancy compare to your first pregnancy?

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Answer by one girl!boy almost here 4 weeks
my first was fun because it was all new to me, this one is like blah been here done that come one and put my baby in my hands. i have constant braxton hicks that i did not have with my first and even dispite the fact that i am smaller i am in more pain AHHHH!!!! i vow to never do this again

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  1. i have so much hip pain this time, they just kill me especially at night. And i am way more exhausted this time because i don’t have the time to pamper myself like i did with my first.

  2. I totally hear you!!!! I am 34 weeks with a girl and my son is 23 months old. This second pregnancy was so much more difficult. I was sick more at the beginning, I had to go to the emergency room twice with bleeding in my first trimester…. I can’t sleep, I developed restless leg syndrome, my back is killing me (I think I will be crippled after this), and yes, I am huge – definetally bigger than I was with my first one (I can’t fit in any of my old pregnancy clothes by now)… I am also waddling like a duck and I am terrified of the labor…looking at this pregnancy – what else is going to happen???? (scream….ripping my hair out…lol)

  3. My first I gained wayyyy to much weight and had a mini stroke and pre-clampsia. Not the best pregnancy. Labor was induced and painful and lasted a long time. However, it was exciting because it was my first:)

    My second I was gorgeous,lol, beautiful skin, hair only gained 35lbs and was happy and energetic. Labor went pretty quickly and natural.

    On my third and this one has been the worst so far, but it’s ok as long as the baby is born happy and healthy I will endure it:) I look 5 months and I am 5 months, but I have only gained 6 pounds because I have had hyperemesis or severe morning sickness………..

  4. 1 I was 19 and had miserable morning sickens, gained about 50 lbs and had a boy.

    #2 I was 26 and had miserable fainting morning sickness, gained about 50-55lbs and had a girl.

    #3 I am 32 and this seems like the worse morning sickness of all. I have NOO idea how much I’m going to gain being that now that I’m older, its not as easy to stay thin. I feel much more emotional and psychotic than any other time. Much more impatient this time around.

  5. My second pregnancy I was in school, and I was walking all the time back and forth to classes, so I was in much better shape, but I also had a lot more aches and pains than with my first because I was so much busier. I also noticed things like contractions and movement a lot more and a lot earlier than with my first. With my first, I didn’t go into labor on my own. I don’t think I was even a centimeter dilated on my due date, and my doctor induced. With my second, I was dilated about three weeks before the due date and praying not to go into labor before I finished a couple of papers I had due (I was about to graduate). My first child I was in labor 19.5 hours with 3 hours of pushing, with an epidural. With my second, 2 hours of labor, 3 pushes total, completely natural. Recovery with my first was horrible, recovery with my second was a breeze.

    Best of luck to you with your second. If it helps at all, you should feel a lot more comfortable with labor, delivery, and motherhood, having gone through it all before. Congratulations!

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