How do Americans feel about politics and government?


How do Americans feel about politics and government. Not just YOUR own opinion but in a general point of view.

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How do Americans feel about politics and government?

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Answer by William F
Gun sales are at record levels.

8 thoughts on “How do Americans feel about politics and government?”

  1. We’re about split 3 ways, I think.

    Democrats, republicans, and independents.

    From my point of view, something is VERY wrong, and I’m feeling somewhat alarmed.

    I think a lot of others feel the same, mostly republicans and independents.

    I think a lot feel like they should do something, too.

    I hope others feel this way, at least.

    ***I feel like many politicians are corrupt and the gov’t is over stepping it’s bounds, and it’s been going on a while now. I feel like we’re going to lose America.

  2. Democrats and Republicans are nearly as passionately one sided and as one-eyed about their politics as the Shiite and Sunnis are in Iraq … as the Catholics and the Protestants are in Northern Ireland … as the Hutus and the Tutsis were in Rwanda … etc … Just read the first answer posted … it’s very alarming if the hot heads start something they can’t fix.

  3. My general point of view is that liberals are stupid. They elect a rock star American Idol president….yeah, he’s so cool. Destroying liberty and freedom is cool.

    How’s that?

  4. ROFL – like the gun sales comment – but can’t rate yet, so giving a thumbs up in type.

    Unfortunately I’m seeing more and more Americans that don’t care and prefer to not pay attention. They think it won’t affect them.

    Luckily there are many of us that are awake and deeply concerned with what is going on. We’re getting more and more involved in issues trying to fight for our country and make our voices heard. Right now we only have a handful of descent Congressmen – the rest are corrupt.

    The corruption is not contained in any 1 party – it’s in all of them. Therefore, being loyal to one party is absurd – you need to look at the person not the party. All parties will always contain some type or form of corruption.

    It’s America’s duty to start paying attention and get the corruption out of office if we want to keep our freedom.

  5. PPL are more aware of it now ONLY because a Black Man is in the position.

    Americans are so entrenched by using the carrot & stick method on them and being allowed to prosper with an IQ of 37 that fighting ignorance is about all we can do.

    We are divided and that is where legislators wants us to be. We then are not able to pay full attention to what is really going on.

    One talks about your patriotism and if you don’t wear a flag pin, while they condone an illegal war and neglected the bombing of our country.

    The other is blamed for trying to put America back to some moral 7 financial high ground.

    It is a shame that ppl do not see what party has really hit them over the head.

  6. The general point of view, because we are a diverse nation, I think is that we make it difficult for our leaders to do some of the right things (on any political side) and then get re-elected.
    We seem to look for politicians who we think are “like us” and make us “feel good about ourselves” instead of leading us somewhere we haven’t already gone before.

    We feel about politics and government, even more in recent years, like we are always stuck in a time just before 1776 and never want to be responsible for making self-governing a healthier, meaningful kind of thing. We are always wanting to play cowboys and indians or find some redcoats to fight instead of pursuing the more boring task of bearing a little responsibility for each other in moderate and sensible ways.
    Answers to problems. Answers we forget to look for. Answers we haven’t even tried. And in many instances, as I began to indicate, yes, we have yet to even think of better answers to many problems, let alone try some of them out.

    We don’t want to grow up.
    We have at least two or three political groups who dig in disagreeably like trenches, but most what we have in common is we like our politics mostly, regardless of which trench we are more comfortable in, we all seem to like our politics mostly.. when it doesn’t ask us to grow up.
    When it asks us to be mature about almost nothing.
    Only that each of us winning our own opinion over someone else’s opinion somehow makes us more mature. And we think that’s what politics and government is about.

    Raising people who are more like us up, and putting people who are more unlike us down.
    That’s what political war, political victory is all about.
    We don’t want people to think politically differently from us. We want them to be wrong. Each of us wants what is “most American” to be defined by “people who live like me”. And that becomes our main interest in politics and government.

    We. almost all of us, feel that people who don’t see things very very much as we do must be either phony or dumb.

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