How do liberal arts colleges compare with regular colleges?


Would going to a liberal arts college make it difficult to get a job that would be easier to get if I had gone to a regular college in America?
Do liberal arts schools have better education in humanities?
How do I decide if I should go to a liberal arts college?

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How do liberal arts colleges compare with regular colleges?

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Answer by barbara c
I’m not sure what you mean. Most colleges in the US offer liberal arts degrees (That is a Bachelor of Arts) A in one of the liberal arts – history, languages, literature, the arts etc.) and a BS (Bachelor of Science) if you major in one of the sciences. Some award only BAs no matter what you major in. So I’m not sure what you mean by a “regular” college. You can (or at least you used to be able to) do a “liberal arts” degree at MIT! There are colleges that are stronger in certain areas of the humanities or sciences. I would think that the reputation of the college in your field would matter most.
Could you be more specific about your concerns? Are there specific colleges that you are wondering about? What do you think that you might major in? What do you mean by “regular” vs “liberal arts”

Would love to help – but that’s all I can do with what you’ve given us.

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  1. I know what you mean. a big university like NYU as compared to the nearby liberal arts college Sarah Lawrence.

    In my experience, it depends. I applied to a few liberal arts schools but I ended up going with U. of Pennsylvania because a-it was a better school, and b-there was a lot more choice in classes. You can find some small colleges that have deals with larger colleges, allowing you to take classes there. Penn has this with Bryn Mawr and Swarthmore, for example. That would be one solution to the problem.

    A liberal arts school does not automatically have a better humanities department. It depends on what you want to study specifically.

    The benefits of a liberal arts college would be a more eccentric, usually artistic, usually very liberal student body. They are also smaller, so small class size and easy to get to know people.

    I would look at websites to help you decide, the college websites I mean. Look for schools you want to go to, not types of schools. If you can, go visit. If you’re attracted to a smaller school with a liberal student body, then a liberal arts school might be better for you. Look for a good school that you like and don’t worry about the rest.

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