How do you keep your relationship during pregnancy?


I’ve heard that during pregnancy women get more difficult, like havung PMS for 9 months. How do you keep your relationship working great when you are pregnant? How do you deal with the idea the he might not be attracted to you anymore cause you are gaining weight, or because you’ve become this big green moody monster? What is healthy in a relationship during pregnancy?

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How do you keep your relationship during pregnancy?

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Answer by lindseytattoo
Luckily my fiance is a caring guy and they usually deal with it well if they love you and are excited to have a child.

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  1. if it is healthy to begin with, it will remain healthy. It is a struggle tho. Im 38 weeks pregnant and been off sex from beginning. We do have it ccasionally, but no where near as much as we used to. Luckly I have a VERY loving partner who understands how i feel. I think the key here is communication – keep talking, explaining how u feel, make him understand what it feels like to be in your position. My partner tells me every day how much he loves me, how sexy I look with my mammoth bump etc. If your relationship is good, it will survive. Having said that, Im almost done with being pregnant and I CAN’T WAIT to get my old self back! good luck

  2. A healthy relationship ANY time is not based on looks or weight or even temperment. It’s based on mutual love and trust. It’s 50-50 all the way.

    NO – pregnancy is NOT an excuse for being nasty. You need to double your efforts to be a good wife. BUT – DH also needs to double his to be understanding and caring.

    Many men find a pregnant woman incredibly sexy and the idea of sex without “fear” of pregnancy (’cause ya already are!) very arousing!

  3. Luckly I have never had that problem, when I was pg the last time and this time I husband tells me often how much more beautiful I am to him just knowing that I am carring his baby, so I have never had a low self esteem do to getting bigger.
    I guess with the being moody part the woman has to try just as much as the man to not to so moody as the man is trying to cope with it. You have to work as a team…

  4. Marriage is a work in progress and pregnancy is one of those times each couple has to work through. Each pregnancy is different, so you handle things differently.
    Open communication is key no matter what. I encouraged my husband to be informed on what was happening to my body and that helped lots.
    Now we are seperated (work related) and we are working that out too.

  5. You have to have an understanding partner. My man actually thinks i’m sexy, he knows what the outcome is gonna be so he thinks i look wonderful and tells me everyday. Some men are jerks though and i would probably leave him if he ever thought about disrespecting me because i’m carrying his child. I’m actually the one who has became less affectionate and all towards my man and i am sooooo moody!!! He takes it like a champ. He gets involved in my pregnancy and reads about what to expect during this time and i hear absolutely no complaints. I’m one of the lucky ones i guess. I feel for the ones who deal with those *** holes on a daily basis and i sure wouldn’t stand for it, pregnant or not. But i think a lot of men are supportive during pregnancy because they know they are getting something wonderful for life out of it.

  6. in my case, yes i have horrible mood swings. Husbands or boyfriends just need to be informed and read up on as much as possible so they understand that its out of our control. As far as the attraction goes, if he loves you, he’ll still be attracted, if not even more than before. My husband thinks I’m beautiful and loves my growing belly. At first, it was hard for him to get used to the mood swings but he knows now exactly how to handle things :) Like I said before, I think the more they are informed of pregnancy, the easier it will be for both of you.

  7. I don’t know… i thought i did, but lately i have wanted to kill my fiancee, not because i’m pregnant, but with just cause… He’s acting like a Big Jerk. I’m 14.5 weeks and i just can’t stand him anymore… if he thinks i’m dealing with a baby crying and him acting like a jerk simultaneously, he’s got another thing coming..

  8. I’m glad to have a boyfriend that understands me. Ever since I became pregnant we had sex a couple of times but I usually have pink spotting after so I told him I don’t wanna have sex anymore because seeing the pink spotting makes me worries and feel uncomfortable. SO he understands, he doesn’t bother me to have sex with him. I just have to pleasure him other ways. And I get really bad mood swings like almost everyday. Anything that happens I take it out on him and it bothers him so I have to try my very best not to be moody around him and it’s hard but it’s something a pregnant women can’t help. I just think a healthy relationship during pregnancy is you two should communicate more. Let him know whats on your mind. COMMUNICATION is KEY!

  9. Hmmm some but not all. The only thing that this pregnancy has done to my personality was made me a more loving person and a person that pays attention to the little things in life.

  10. My relationship with my husband has actually grown stronger. I’ve given him lots of reading materials about my hormonal changes so he understands I’m not always in control of my own body anymore. There have been times when it’s been rough, but on the whole my pregnancy has brought us closer together. We talk a lot more about our hopes and fears for the future. I think communication is key. As far as attraction is concerned…I haven’t noticed my husband “checking out” other women and he tells me daily how good I look (and he likes how I smell. apparently I smell differently. He even made a joke the other day that while God has given me cankles, he made up for it by makign me smell good.) I did want sex more earlier on in pregnancy (when I looked normal) but now at 8 months it’s the last thing on both of our minds. We just talk and laugh together. That’s what’s healthy for us. But it’s important to remember that every relationship adn every pregnancy is different.

  11. A lot of communication and involving him in the process. My boyfriend loves to feel the baby move and he reads up on stuff almost as much as I do. We talk a lot about how we’re feeling, mostly because I’m the one that’s having more difficulty with the idea of a baby. I have been having some mood swings, but I try to keep them in check and he knows not to take it personally, I’m just having a not-so-great-day. As far as sex, we don’t have it any less, but also no more than we used to before we found out. I have been feeling a little insecure with the way my body’s changing, but his attraction towards me hasn’t changed and he makes sure to let me know. A lot of women are probably just fortunate when it comes to their boyfriend’s or husband’s attitude about the whole thing, and a lot of women probably have to work a little harder at maintaining a healthy relationship. So just a lot of communication, time for just the two of you, and a connection over the baby and you should do just fine.

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