How early can you take a pregnancy test?


When to take a pregnancy test?
My question is i been taking first responds pregnancy test and a dollar store pregnancy test yesterday and they are coming back negative. But i was suppose to start May 8th and haven’t started yet. I been sleeping a lot, getting headaches, discharge,my boobs hurt off and on. So i was wanting to know if i should take a blue clear test if that would be a better test to use? And if i took it now would it be to early? Or can I take it now? When did you take and get a positive result if you used the blue clear test?

Question :

How early can you take a pregnancy test?

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Answer by *Muah*
most effective a week to two weeks after conception…

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  1. It’s possible that you don’t have enough of the hormone that home pregnancy tests detect and you may have to take a blood test.

  2. Well usually you can take them about a week before you are supposed to get your period. Usually if you don’t have sex often, something funky happens to your body when you do have sex, and you don’t get your period when you are supposed to.

  3. Pregnancy test are all pretty much the same, except that some are a little bit more sensitive to the HCG hormone which is produced when you conceive. Now, most of the time, it will show up as early as 3-4 days before you start your period, but for some woman, they start producing HCG late, so it won’t show up on the test. Some of the symptoms that you are having could be that your body is trying to start it’s period but, I would try to take a test until the 22nd of this month and if it still doesn’t show up, then I would go to the doctors so they can do a blood test, which will absolutely tell you if you are or not. Good luck!

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