How many people think of their pets as their children?


Do you look at them as pets or children?
What special things do you do for them that makes them more like family members than pets?

Question :

How many people think of their pets as their children?

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Answer by monte c

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  1. I don’t exactly think of my pets as my children, but I do think of them as family members if that makes any sense.

    I let them lie on the sofa and in the bed.

  2. I treat all my pets like there my children…but im not as bad as my aunt who has a carseat for a dog…and dresses the dog in clothes. but it depends if you can have children or not. my aunt cant so the closest thing she has to a child is her dog.

  3. I think of my pet as my child. He is a cat. If I made tuna I will let him like the can. I always let him laste a peice of my dinner, not only a teeny peice though. If he was lazy I wouldn’t give him extra food because I don’t want my baby to be fat.

  4. my hamsers are my babies!!

    the cat however isn’t.

    I don’t like her.

    she’s my boyfriends.

    the cat and I have some issues and it’s war!

  5. All of my pets are cherished special needs children because they are unable to speak or understand our language. When they want to play, I stop what I’m doing and happily play until they tire out. When they want to cuddle, I do so with joy in my heart. When one is sick, I seek veterinarian help and worry about them until they get better. When one dies, I cry as one of my children has left home forever.

  6. my dog is a working dog on the ranch and my cat is a ratter and works for her living.
    they are my working partners.
    friends are who my human counterparts are .
    some people have few reliable human friends so they make animals their best friends.
    at least dogs are 100% loyal and kudos for that !

  7. my dog, and my gerbils are my children! im only 14, so i don’t have any kids, and i take my dog to the pet store, i buy her clothes(she even has a Juicy Couture jacket!!), i give her breathmints, toys, and lots of love. and she also sleeps right beside me. by the way, she’s a toy poodle. i recently just got 2 brother gerbils, and i treat them like my children too. i love buying them new toys!! and i play with them in the bathtub, and i have a whiteboard with my “weekly gerbil to-do list”, they’re about 4 months old(16 weeks), and i love em!!

  8. I don’t think I treat my pets any different then I do my own children. They get love, attention, food and shelter. I scold them and praise them just the same. They give you unconditional love in return. They have their own beds (they like mine better) and their own toys. I may be guilty of talking to them a bit more since they don’t talk back, but seem to listen. They all go to the vet/doctor when needed. My vet bills are higher then my children’s doctor bills are. The only thing I have done different is I got all my dogs and cats fixed. I refer to my pets as my babies and say “come on children” to them when it’s time to eat. Even my own blood children are taking after my attitude. My one son has a kitten and an iguana and he refers to them as his son and daughter, he’s 19. Some even get to travel on short trips with us, like to the store, cats and dogs alike. Especially with our new dog, my one daughter has me buying him clothes. Most of my pets were given human names, some for their behaviors, a few got to choose their own names. I pulled out my baby name book and went down the lists and stopped when they looked at me, like to say I like tht name. I had a wolf some years ago given to me with the name Max and he never responed to it so I started going through the book, when I got to the name Logan he came over and licked my face (never did that before). My own human children, well, they got stuck with what I named them. My husband says I care more about my pets then I do him. I may not have given birth to them, but I choose to care for them for the rest of their or my life and they depend on me for their care.

  9. Your pets are your pets and should be treated that way!! I can’t stand these people who go WAY overboard with treating their pets like children. If you didn’t give birth to it, it’s not a child of yours! For those of you who don’t or can’t have children, I don’t either…but I have pets and just pets and feel I can still be looked at as if I haven’t lost my mind!

  10. My dog and two cats are my children. I talk to them, provide them with toys and treats, and play with them. My mother refers to them as her furry grandchildren.

  11. Mine is a child, she is a pretty rich lady dressed up in a fur coat. Her name is Prissy and she is a female cat. She has a basket of toys. Her own blanket, in two places in the house. When I talk to her she turns her head to the side like she understands me. When she cries I know she wants more food or she wants attention. She is so very sweet.

  12. I do!!!!!!! My dogs and cats would sleep with me…I had a cat that had to lay his head on my arm and his body down the side of mine and be covered up with a blanket…if i turn over then he will get up and go to the other side just to be covered and have my arm as a pillow….

  13. I do, until I get some kids of my own. Your pets are your kids, in a way, whether you think they are or not. You have to take them to a vet every year, like you would a child. You have to buy it food, like you would a child. You have to play with it as you would a child. So in a way if people ask me if i have kids i say “yah two” The have four legs and will lick you to death!

  14. we feed our dog scraps from the table !! which is bad cuz shes pretty fat !! and when we go camping, she has her own little bed right beside mine !! and she can say mama when u rub her belly really fast !!

  15. Yeah, im all for loving pets and treating them well but treating them as babies, dressing them and pampering them is just wrong….

  16. We look at our cat as our nanny and are grandma.Because she gets us up at the right time and puts us sto bed too.Plus when were crying shell come to us.We love her soooooooooooooooooooo much.

  17. I don’t say that, but it has been said about me and my pets. I always give special treats on Birthdays. I always buy Christmas presents for them. No clothing though.

  18. Children.
    dogs basically have the same quantity of responsibility you have to spend on an average child under 6 years of age.
    My puppy, hapoo, is 5 months old, and i have about the same feelings for him as i would have for my own child (if i had one)

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