How often do fast food employees spit on your food?


Has your food ever been spit on? Did you eat it regardless or did you send it back? Shower me with your stories!

Question :

How often do fast food employees spit on your food?

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Answer by Ricky Men
i worked in a restaurant for 5 years and only one employee spit on a sandwich, it was for his ex girlfriend! far as i’m concerned, they already exchanged enough spit so i guess it’s not too important in that case!

6 thoughts on “How often do fast food employees spit on your food?”

  1. All the time. I used to work in mc’ds and we’d have gobbing hours. Try an spit in every single sandwich for a whole hour. Harder than it sounds.

  2. Ahh gross, I doubt it happens alot, very rare. I dont know why someone would do that anyway to a normal person.

  3. I worked in fast food as a cook for nearly 5 years back in the day and can gladly say I never witnessed a co-worker do this. I wouldn’t put up with it. No one deserves it. The thought of it disgusts me. With that said one time a co-worker of mine spit in the fry vat and it pissed me off.I told him that I was going to have some fries on my break,only I didn’t put it that nicely to him. He is like,oh,it dissipates. Yeah,whatever. I didn’t have any fries that night and he never did anything like that again.

    The only other time I heard of something disgusting was when this guy I knew that worked at DQ “accidentally” sneezed in the shake machine.

    Anyway,does this type of thing happen,I’m sure it does. Everyone that eats at fastfood more than likely has ingested some type of bodily function on more than one occasion. Boys will be boys and when they get together there are times they will try to out-do each other. God help us all.

    Should we eat at fastfood joints? Probably not,unless you’re the cook making it for yourself…or someone you trust?

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