How to Downgrade WordPress to Old Versions ?

Issue :

I has been updated wordpress to newest version (wordpress 3.5) I think this versions is better then old version, but actually have alot of problem,  so I want to back to old version of wordpress  until wordpress repair to newest version.

The fact is that not all the new version wordpress running perfectly

Question :

How to Downgrade WordPress (V. 3.5) to Old Version ?

Best Solver (Answer):

Follow These Steps:

  • Get the older WordPress version here
  • Go to plugins and deactivate all the plugins and log out
  • Open up your FTP or cPanel FTP Manager and delete wp-admin and wp-includes folder. (DO NOT DELETE /wp-content folder!)
  • Open the older WordPress version which you downloaded. Copy all the WordPress files and folders except wp-content. Do not copy wp-content folder.
  • Now try to login to your WordPress dashboard and click on “Update WordPress Database”, then click on “continue” to login to your wordpress dashboard.

You can also apply this tips to whatever wordpress versions

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