Is it important to ensure a sufficient supply of food for all the people on earth ?


Food is the most important thing for human beings without food we cannot live.

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Is it important to ensure a sufficient supply of food for all the people on earth ?

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Answer by thessalonian4
The present state of the global food problem is serious.The price of Thai and Basmati rice in particular has gone up and consequently riots and looting are breaking out especially in developing countries causing death in places like India and Vietnam and China – the exporting countries have decided to give priority to domestic supply and they are taking action to implement export restrictions one after another – further more other grain prices are taking a jump – as a result of rapid increase in grain consumption in countries like China and India in addition to this fact it is projected that rice crop will decrease by 80 per cent within the next 100 years.Global warming is believed to be one of the factors that are contributing to food shortages however it is said that there is enough food to feed the entire population of the world at least for the present and yet there about 800 hundred million people who suffer from food shortages in the world today and many people will die – my question is what should we do ?

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  1. Of course it is. The problem is not a lack of food, but inability to get the food to where its needed.
    Violence, corruption, and poverty is the reason people starve while food goes uneaten.
    There is so much food available, that farms produce food to be used for fuel.

  2. If things stay the way they are now we will end up having not enough food to feed all the people on the earth. In order to prevent that – governments should offer more support. My view is that we should store food little by little every year in case we suffer from mass famine due to natural disasters such as heavy rains. For example in the United Kingdom milk is being dumped due to over production – instead if they had been preserved as cheese or butter it would have become very useful in an emergency scenario such as the Haiti earthquake disaster and the relief operation with logistical support – there are going to be more natural disasters in the world and it is our duty to respond with compassion and endeavour to support and help humankind.

  3. First of all it is important to make a system to distribute food to every individual – we cannot achieve this without the cooperation of the United Nations – as for funds required by the UN each nation should reduce its military related national budget and allocate that investment to the service provided by the UN.

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