Usb Port Diagram

[]Universal Serial Bus (USB) is a specification to establish communication between devices and a host controller (usually personal computers), developed and invented by Ajay Bhatt while working for Intel. USB has effectively replaced a variety of interfaces such as serial and parallel ports.

Below is usb port diagram standart A and standart B with description cable color and pin name
usb diagram
usb image

USB 1.x/2.0 standard pinning
Pin Name Cable color Description
Red +5 V
2 D− White Data −
3 D+ Green Data +
Black Ground
USB 1.x/2.0 Mini/Micro pinning
Pin Name Cable color Description
1 VCC Red +5 V
2 D− White Data −
3 D+ Green Data +
4 ID none permits distinction of A plug from B plug
* A plug: connected to Signal Ground
* B plug: not connected
5 GND Black Signal Ground
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  2. PiterMcfersonz says:

    We’ll be honest: no one like when things like this prove to them. So, I have to share this

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  4. S P Edwankar says:

    It was a good sharing.many times usb like flashdrive / blue tooth dongle etc. for desktop pc get hot. We need to remove physicaly after use. Can I add a switch for VCC cable 1(dc+5v) to disconnect the device by keeping it permanently attached to pc?

    1. solver says:

      Of course, but that’s all depend on your creativity to modify, But we think get hot is no problem that is fair

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