Watch 4 video at the same time with 1 player


  • Problem : I have a favorite video and I want to watch 4 video at the same time!
  • Ask : is there any software to play videos at the same time, How to watch multiple video at the same time?
  • The Best Solver : Yes, You can using Vidlord.
  • VidLord offers you the ability to conveniently watch up to four videos at the same time. Try it with your 4 favorite videos. Worried about sound? Activate mouse-mute and VidLord will mute every player except the one your mouse is over.

    Single-click to enter Full Screen mode and the other videos will automatically pause. Each video player allows you to quickly open videos from your video collection. If you don’t like a video delete it instantly, even while it’s playing. Save your current session, including loaded videos, play state, and play position to a file. Instantly restore that session at a later time just by double-clicking the file.
    Vidlord is not freeware, but you can try free trial for 10 days. Download Vidlord

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