What are examples of humanities and social science majors?


I’m a freshman in college right now, and I was just wondering what it means to be going into a humanities or social sciences degree. Could anyone give me as many majors as they can think of with both of these topics? I really appreciate it!
I mean a list of as many majors as anyone can think of that fall in the range of humanities and social sciences…Thanks!

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What are examples of humanities and social science majors?

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Answer by eri
History, any language, anthropology, sociology, psychology, social work all fall under those categories.

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  1. A complete list of all of those possible majors would take several pages to fill. The reason is that very many of them can be further subfielded into some very specialized areas.

    For a generalized list, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_academic_disciplines is a good start.

    For a very thorough list of all possibilities, http://nces.ed.gov/pubs2002/cip2000/ciplist.asp is about as complete as you’ll find. It’s massively huge though.

    An example (and not even complete):
    Just under Anthropology (a social science)

    * Biological anthropology
    o Forensic anthropology
    o Gene-culture coevolution
    o Human behavioral ecology
    o Human evolution
    o Medical anthropology
    o Paleoanthropology
    o Population genetics
    o Primatology

    * Anthropological linguistics
    o Synchronic linguistics (or Descriptive linguistics)
    o Diachronic linguistics (or Historical linguistics)
    o Ethnolinguistics
    o Sociolinguistics

    * Cultural anthropology
    o Anthropology of religion
    o Economic anthropology
    o Ethnography
    o Ethnohistory
    o Ethnology
    o Ethnomusicology
    o Folklore
    o Mythology
    o Political anthropology
    o Psychological anthropology

    And that’s just one discipline of the very many that could be humanities or social sciences. Also, some are more than one discipline. Education, for example can be a social science or an applied professional area. History can be a humanity or a social science. etc…

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