What are good xbox 360 games for teenage girls?


I like animated adventure games like Kingdom of Hearts 2, Crazy Taxi, and Plants Vs. Zombies. What are similar games like these?

Question :

What are good xbox 360 games for teenage girls?

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Answer by chrisjan7265
you might like final fantasy which is made by the people who made kingdom hearts

2 thoughts on “What are good xbox 360 games for teenage girls?”

  1. You will probably like Final Fantasy thirteen made by the sqaure enix which mad kingdom hears, amd some of the new kinect games also on xbox live there are many arcade games like plants vs zombies for download. (If you don’t have xbox live i suggest that you get it, because it is an amazing feature). I also love kingdom hearts and I got hooked to the halo series as well as the gears of war series those might be a little to much outside of the category that you were talking about tho.

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