What are some cheap food for Koi and goldfish?


The Koi food sold at pet store seems too expensive. So howdo u feed yr Koi practically, other than those Koi food?
I mean I need 50lbs bag, or more for my ponds.

Question :

What are some cheap food for Koi and goldfish?

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Answer by TheDanster
In the long term you’re going to need it for them to stay healthy… Get a max pack, or something to lessen the cost. Walmart has a huge can of the food for like $ 5.

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  1. Bri says:

    cheap food = little nutrients=dead fish

    It is a misconception that fish are ‘easy’ pets. Goldfish & Koi may be ‘easy’ to take care of in comparison to tropicals & marine fish but they are not for beginners in the hobby as they are very expensive fish that take up a lot of space & time.

    If you’re not willing to put down a whole 5-10 dollars for a bottle/bag of pellets, you probably should find a new home for your fish and get something smaller that requires less food.

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