What are some unique family traditions practiced in your family?


In my family, one of the things we do during a big family get together, like Christmas, is spread out a big white linin table cloth, reusing the same one year after year until it is full and start another one, everyone present signs it with permanant maker. It is so nice and creates heirlooms for the future generations.

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What are some unique family traditions practiced in your family?

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Well, all the women on my mothers side of the family have two middle names. One of which is Marie and the other is whatever the parents choose.

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  1. We have the grandkids open gifts first at Christmas…youngest to the oldest..one at a time.
    Yes it takes a little longer (7-grandkids) but it is worth it in a busy world….take your time.
    They also are required-the ones who can read-to also say who it is from and to thank that person/s.

    I like your actions too.
    God bless

  2. ummm — well one tradition i love is trying to avoid my family i’ve been pretty successful but the tricky one is my hubbys family — if you have any ideas — tell me — oh wait — we do have a new tradition — me and my BFF kette — loose money at the casino — does that count ?????

  3. On my Ma’s side we all get together every year for a pool tournament. Which ever relative wins, we go to their home town the following year to hold the tournament, where we have drinks and share old and new family stories.

  4. In our family, whenever a baby is born, whoever goes and visit in the hospital writes a note for the baby. It is really cute. I have letters from my great grandmother when I was born. With my daughters, we continued the tradition, but I also took a picture of each person with my daughters and put the pictures and letters in a book for them.

    Anouther tradition on my husband’s side of the family is to name the first born child Victor. If it is a girl, her middle name is Victor. The name is the first baby born to his family in America was named Victor.

  5. We’re Jewish…so there are a lot of unique ones. I don’t generally participate unless my Mom guilt’s me into it. But covering mirrors when a loved one dies is unique. Also, we snip a lock of hair from each woman in our family who dies and place it in a stone crock. My great-grandmother said to burn a lock under your nose to ward off headache and evil.

  6. that sounds very sweet…my family is sicilian, so family and food are our main themes. we cook food any chance we get. men watch golf, and the ladies chat over coffee and biscotta.

  7. At the table on the night of Thanksgiving, one of us is selected to pass a fish bowl around. We all have to give thanks for one member of the family being in the family. And must stand up and read what is written down on a piece of paper by another member, placed into the fish bowl, and then picked at random.
    Then the person to whom praises are given is the next to pick out of the bowl, until all people are represented. Then we all rise, before sup, make a toast to the powers that’d be…and hope in unison and (out-loudly) that we’ll all be together again the following year. Same time, next place, at another relative’s home! Then we feel truly close as a family! Another time YET around.
    I love this tradition of ours!!!

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