What computer components make a computer system good?


I want to know what exact component parts makes a computer gaming system outshine other computers, such as it’s graphic card and other components. Can you name a general computer system that is rated for it’s gaming features?

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What computer components make a computer system good?

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Answer by t-bone
video card and processer are most important for gaming, Ram is important to, If your serious into gaming you don’t buy a model of comptuer you build your own, check out ibuypower.com or ncix.com

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  1. calzrhe says:

    Motherboard is highly important, because new components cannot run on older motherboards, and if they do they don’t run as fast or efficient.

  2. Jaitsu says:

    GPU, CPU and RAM, in that order, I’d say.

    I’m more of a laptop enthusiast myself, but the NVidia GTX 29x/39x series seems great, especially in an SLI configuration.

    As for CPUs, it can get a little confusing; it depends on what games you’re playing. Most games that weren’t made in the last three or four years can’t take full advantage of more than 2 cores, so a high-power Core 2 Duo is perfect for those, and is what I look for. Otherwise, if you’re playing newer games, many very new games can use more than 2 cores, so a good Core i7 CPU is perfect for that – 4 cores with hyperthreading.

    Having enough/fast RAM is good, too, but usually won’t be the dealbreaker, since it usually won’t make that huge of an impact. 4 GB or more is good if you’re a heavy-duty gamer (keep in mind you need a 64-bit OS to use more than 3), and look for DDR3 with fast clocks, just make sure your motherboard supports it.

    When it comes to DESKTOPS, I can’t really name any pre-fab computer brand that shines above the others, but iBuyPower is one place to consider. Personally I’d just build the computer myself; you save a LOT of money that way.

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