What computer components make a computer system good?


I want to know what exact component parts makes a computer gaming system outshine other computers, such as it’s graphic card and other components. Can you name a general computer system that is rated for it’s gaming features?

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What computer components make a computer system good?

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Answer by t-bone
video card and processer are most important for gaming, Ram is important to, If your serious into gaming you don’t buy a model of comptuer you build your own, check out ibuypower.com or ncix.com

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  1. Motherboard is highly important, because new components cannot run on older motherboards, and if they do they don’t run as fast or efficient.

  2. GPU, CPU and RAM, in that order, I’d say.

    I’m more of a laptop enthusiast myself, but the NVidia GTX 29x/39x series seems great, especially in an SLI configuration.

    As for CPUs, it can get a little confusing; it depends on what games you’re playing. Most games that weren’t made in the last three or four years can’t take full advantage of more than 2 cores, so a high-power Core 2 Duo is perfect for those, and is what I look for. Otherwise, if you’re playing newer games, many very new games can use more than 2 cores, so a good Core i7 CPU is perfect for that – 4 cores with hyperthreading.

    Having enough/fast RAM is good, too, but usually won’t be the dealbreaker, since it usually won’t make that huge of an impact. 4 GB or more is good if you’re a heavy-duty gamer (keep in mind you need a 64-bit OS to use more than 3), and look for DDR3 with fast clocks, just make sure your motherboard supports it.

    When it comes to DESKTOPS, I can’t really name any pre-fab computer brand that shines above the others, but iBuyPower is one place to consider. Personally I’d just build the computer myself; you save a LOT of money that way.

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