What does it take to become a home schooling teacher?


I want to be home schooled. My dad works and my mom babysits a kid at home. Lets just say my mother isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed. What would it take for her to home school me?

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What does it take to become a home schooling teacher?

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Answer by Yoshiko Yasui
Desire. When I home schooled my children, I learned so much right along with them. There are text books you can buy that come with teachers editions that have all the answers and tests and answers to that also.
We used to read the books together then answer the chapter reviews and do the tests, and then the kids would correct them themselves and study what they got wrong. Nobody cheats in home school, it’s like cheating on yourself and it’s so pointless that no body does it. Sometimes I’d read the test questions and the kids would take turns answering, that was fun to do, and then I’d tell them what the teachers edition wanted. It really was a learning experience for all of us.

We also did in home babysitting during those years to help with a little extra income and we just took turns doing the stuff like cooking and cleaning so we’d have more time to go on field trips and we loved doing that ! WE went to parks to work out and do some running and exercise and that was also good for the little one we baby sat.

Good luck, this is a chance for you to do your stuff and I hope you do. Sounds like it will be great for your mother and maybe make her feel better about herself, with your help.

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  1. You can homeschool even if your mother isn’t the “sharpest tool in the shed”. You can purchase a curriculum that allows you to work primarily independently and provides lesson plans and answer keys that will tell your mother everything she needs to know.

    You may want to consider using a textbook or DVD curriculum:

    Or you could also try an online program:

    As far as qualifications, just the fact that she is your mother makes her qualified to teach you. Here’s some information about homeschooling qualifications:

    Good luck!

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