What does the society needs that is related to computer?


I would like to write a research paper regarding things that the today’s society needs that is greatly related to computer, something to do with computer or needs computer to operate it. Can you give me some ideas to start out with. Thanks!

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What does the society needs that is related to computer?

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Answer by some-yank
Communication is very important to society. Programs like Microsoft Word offer grammar correction features. Using that would have helped enormously in writing your question.

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  1. The number one thing that society needs from computers is information. Specifically, fast access to information. This effects everything from the military, to schools, to local law enforcement, etc. Consider for example the food industry. Grocery stores use computers to keep track of how much they are selling and when they are running low and so on. Think of the transportation sector. Airlines could not handle all the flights they have without computers to track everything. The possibilities are endless!

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