What is the difference between french and american dining culture?


I’m doing a research paper about the difference in dining in France and dining in America. What are the main differences in the presentation, food, and etc? Anything would help, thanks.

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What is the difference between french and american dining culture?

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Answer by littlechef
the fench are the kings of the culinary world. any food culture has something borrowed from french cooking. French food is alot more refined and in my time in french restaurants i can say, that they speak perfection. American food has lost alot of credibility in past years. When you say american food, you probably think of what you would eat if you were at home, but that can change depending on where you live. American food is more of a homey feeling and more like comfort food. french food is extraordinary and very refined. the french seek perfection in their food.

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  1. When I was in France, here’s what I noticed…
    * Portion sizes were smaller
    * Ingredients were high-quality and high-flavour
    * Much more emphasis on local, in-season flavours
    * Longer time spent eating
    * Drink wine, beer or water instead of soda pops
    * Less emphasis on ‘health’ rather than ‘enjoyment’ of meal
    * Plates were set out much more prettily than I’m used to

  2. The difference is huge- it’s like night and day! One of the best aspects of French culture is the respect for food. It is treated like an art here. In America, I was shocked to see that people thought of food fights as entertainment. You’d never see that in France.

    French cooks (and French people in general) take great care in preparing food and presenting it, and people can easily take a couple of hours or even more savoring the richness and every detail of the food they’re eating. Believe me, I’ve gone through these sort of meals! France has preserved great culinary traditions, so we know all kinds of ways of preparing food really well. Also, it’s not just the meticulous preparation in itself, it’s the food *being* prepared. France is still very agricultural and it’s only until recently that fast food is really starting to spoil the great dining culture of France.

    Remember that France is a slow country in comparison to America, which is full of dynamic, so it shows in the dining part of our culture. If you have any questions, feel free to ask and good luck on doing your research paper! :)

    *edit: drusilla made some good points.

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