What kind of paperwork should I have when asking for donations from local businesses.?


This is for a youth program that our church began this year. the program involves creating a theater production using marching drums and video and showing it around our community. The message that we promote is positive and although we are a church, anyone can join without having to attend our church. Our program serves the community by performing and by assisting with community projects. We want to be able to attract youth and teach them about music and theater without charging a fee and also by teaching them the importance of helping our community by serving and raising money for other non profit groups (red cross, local homeless shelter, etc…) We want the community to benefit from this but we have no money and no experience in raising it either. We would like to have the support of our local businesses so that we may purchase our own equipment (drums, electronics, etc..) and to be able to demonstrate that our youth can contribute through the use of their talents and abilities

Question :

What kind of paperwork should I have when asking for donations from local businesses.?

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Answer by WillLynn 1
you need to have your organizations mission statement. Meaning who you are, the people your organization serves and what exactly you are raising money for. Who will it benefit and how you will be able to prove that people benefit from it.

You then need a spokes person who will formally contact the businesses, not just walking in their door and saying “can you give us money?” The spokes person should call the businesses and introduce the cause. Offer to bring by pamphlets about your church or anything else you have. Make sure you have your Pastor/Minister/Priest’s permission to this first. There is a protocol when raising funds for a religious organization.

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