What would happen if our society was matriarchal?


Throughout history, there has almost never been a society run entirely by women, or at least, not that I am aware of. Theoretically, how do you think a matriarchal society would function, if possible, and what wuld it be like to live in one?

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What would happen if our society was matriarchal?

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Answer by Curious_girl
Some Native Americans have a matriarchal society.

Here’s a little article about First Nations politics in Canada:


The article talks a little about the history and how it has changed. I don’t know if it really answers your question because it goes into how the change to patriarchal society has affected women.

2 thoughts on “What would happen if our society was matriarchal?”

  1. So many ideas about matriarchy have been tossed around that it is impossible to say how one would function. It could be a pheromone controlled hive society like the naked mole rats or Hellstrom’s Hive. It could be a simple role reversal like so much bad feminist sci-fi. It could be a single gender sexless utopia like Herland or Mizora. A vicious femdom nightmare like the Drow or a sex drenched dream like the Bonobos. Pick your poison.

  2. There existed matriarchal systems in native american, african, north african, celtic and germanic peoepls. But now that doesn’t exist anymore

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