What’s the best way to cure insomnia during pregnancy?


I’ve been suffering from insomnia during pregnancy for a couple months now and I want to know what the easiest way to cure insomnia during pregnancy is. I’ve taken those herbal remedies like Sleep-MD and they don’t seem to be much of a cure for insomnia. So what are my best options for curing insomnia during pregnancy?

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What’s the best way to cure insomnia during pregnancy?

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Answer by Josh W
Insomnia during pregnancy is usually caused by discomfort on the growing abdomen and stress from expecting a new baby. You can try several things from home to help you relax your body and mind like: taking a warm bath and lighting up some of your favorite scented candles, listen to relaxing music before bedtime, or even adjusting the room temperature to where you feel most comfortable. As far as removing the discomfort from the abdomen goes, I’d suggest going out and purchasing a pregnancy body pillow. It’s designed to curve with your body and give support so you should feel more comfortable and in return cure your pregnancy insomnia.

5 thoughts on “What’s the best way to cure insomnia during pregnancy?”

  1. Oh so sorry! Have you tried relaxation techniques like a warm (not hot) bath, making your husband or boyfriend give you a massage or reading? Some people never quite figure it out. I hope you do!

  2. I had the same problem, and at first my doctor told me to take Benadryl before bed, and that didn’t help, so he actually ended up prescribing me Ambien. It worked wonderfully and didn’t affect my pregnancy at all. The sleep that I got for the month before I went into labor came in handy when I needed that energy to push him out.

  3. I strongly agree with purchasing a pregnancy pillow. They do help support your growing body and should fix the problem along with getting comfortable.

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