What’s the difference between cat food and dog food?


I get both cat and dog food (meat) yet both look the same, was just wondering if there was any difference between them?

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What’s the difference between cat food and dog food?

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Answer by Chloe
cat foods for cats and dog foods for dogs?

One thought on “What’s the difference between cat food and dog food?”

  1. There are differences in protein percentages with all cat and dog food.
    Dog food will also usually contain vegetable compounds.

    Cats MUST have Taurine (an amino acid) or they will go blind, loose their hair, their teeth will fall out and they will die. Cat’s bodies do not produce this essential compound. All cat food (wet .02% or dry .01%) is REQUIRED to contain Taurine.

    Dogs do not need Taurine and dog food doesn’t contain it.

    Dogs can eat cat food, but cats CANNOT eat dog food or they’ll be Taurine deficient and will die.

    Feeding a dog cat food or a cat dog food is NOT RECOMMENDED and IS INHUMANE AND COULD BE POTENTIALLY LETHAL TO THE CAT!

    Those are the main differences.

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