Which home remedies really worked for you?


There are many of home remedies available for different diseases, some very effective, some moderately effective and some not effective at all.What is your personal experience about home remedies.

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Which home remedies really worked for you?

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Answer by Malcolm
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Alot of them work, especially the ones for boils

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  1. I’ve had kidney stones and I’ve also had calcium deposits on the disc in my back.
    Apple cider vinegar and water got rid of both.

  2. I pick up my home phone and make an appointment with my doctor.

    Works everytime!

    Edit: “I tested these and can prove they work.”

    No you can’t.

  3. I recommend natural home remedies. I tested these and can prove they work.

    One, dice up one fresh clove of garlic. Swallow them raw when you have high blood pressure. Garlic regulates circulation and lowers blood pressure.

    Two. When you have fever, sip and eat a bowl of vegetable soup. Go to bed and sleep. Then when you awake, drink a glass or 2 of water every hour.

    Three. If you have been chronically tired like everyday, squeeze a lemon in a pitcher (one liter) of water and drink from it regularly. Or eat an apple before breakfast.

    Four. If you have urinary tract infection or if you feel a burning sensation when you pee, 5 glasses of cranberry juice per day for 3 days or until you feel back to normal. Cranberry juice has diuretic properties.

    Lastly, you won’t need any remedy if you stay healthy by cooking great healthy meals at home instead of eating commercial food.

  4. ‘I pick up my home phone and make an appointment with my doctor.’

    According to all I read from you, you must have a very special doctor, or take
    very special medicine, or you are just a joke.

    Both are possible, so I assume the first is right.

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