Why is the birthday party of a rap singer considered a top news story?


Recently, in Yahoo news, one of the top stories was a birthday party for a rap singer in Las Vegas. Why is this a top news story?

Question :

Why is the birthday party of a rap singer considered a top news story?

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Answer by BumblewiththaB?
no one wants to hear about a woman being kidnapped and beaten, or more soldiers dying…. too morbid.

9 thoughts on “Why is the birthday party of a rap singer considered a top news story?”

  1. Because society as a whole has dropped dramatically in its appreciation of what really matters..we’d rather hear about what some rapper gets for his birthday than who won the Presidental debate..sickening really

  2. Because the news in this country is about getting people to watch (or in this case surf). If you want the “real news” you have to turn to alternative outlets that aren’t controlled by special interests!

  3. The answer is quite simple really. The rap star has a great publicist who gets the word out to the media. The media will in turn be invited to the great party, have a great time, and write a great article on it which will in turn feed Americas great need to know every detail of a famous persons life.

    Sick huh?

  4. Mainly because most of today’s general public (particularly within the 20-35yrs old range) are well tuned to the entertainment industry. When you have a celebrity celebrating a large bash in a locale like Sin City, it’s a perfect venue for paparazzi to appear, making it a news-worthy event, especially if more celebrities attend.

  5. Because this is America and celebrities are a HUGE distraction from the fact that there are troops fighting wars, global warming, and all of the other cheerie stuff we have to deal with

  6. Because the general public of today hold celebrities on a level above other more important things. That and broadcast organizations pick what they want to report on and they air what they think will get the most views/web hits. It’s a sad fact that we the American People need to change, but I fear that will only get worse.
    Do your part and fight the Media and how retarded they are getting. I once seen a CNN report about dogs or something and in the ticker below was a report on the Iraq war, this was two years ago.

  7. It’s important, considering this is a high-paid celebrity. Who dishes out all the moolah for the best party out there!

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